Below are a number of useful websites for families, including information about specialist equipment, support groups and key information.

Note: Yeoman Park Academy cannot accept any responsibility for the content of external websites.

School contacts

We are always here if you have any questions or want to talk to us about any concerns.

All our staff can be contacted via Weduc, which can be accessed through this link.

Another option is to email our family support worker or the office.

Family support worker – Megan Webster-Brown –

Office –

Office phone number – 01623 459540

Young carer support

A young carer is anyone under the age of 18 years old who plays a care role for someone else. This is usually in the house but it could also be a relative that lives elsewhere such as a grandparent. This can be caring for someone with disabilities, drug and alcohol problems or mental health difficulties. It is important to get registered as a young carer as there are benefits you may be eligible for, such as, financial benefits and activities aimed at young carers.

If you feel that there is a child in your house who is a young carer, it is beneficial to register this with your GP. The benefits of this are that they will give more flexible appointment days/times, access to vaccinations first and will understand that the young carer may need to attend the appoint of whoever they are a carer for.

To apply for a young carers assessment, click here

If approved, the support you could receive includes:

  • help to improve your health and you how feel
  • help to reduce how the caring role affects other parts of your life
  • help to towards school or college activities
  • leisure activities, hobbies and spending time with friends
  • equipment to help with your education such as books or a laptop

You may also be offered a personal budget which gives you some control over the support you receive.

Overnight respite/short breaks

To apply for hours which can be used as day respite, you must currently be receiving DLA or PIP for your child/young person. The only respite service available without funding is for children with life limiting disabilities.

Respite hours can be used for a befriender (up to 97 hours) or as direct payments to activities. Follow this link to see the list of activities you can use your funding for.

When you apply for respite, you will be offered a package of 24 hours, you can appeal this, and an assessment will be done, and you will then receive between 24 – 300 hours.

To apply for respite, you can follow this link.

Below are some of the popular local respite services which many parents choose once they have received funding:


Befriending is a form of short break in which your child has a personal assistant who can support them in the home or take them out into the community on trips such as swimming, bowling or the park.

It can be tricky to find a PA/befriender who fits with your family, so it is important you are clear on what you would like your PA to do. You are always welcome to have a chat with academy to discuss if befriending would be an appropriate option and look at the advantages and disadvantages of having a PA.

Follow this link to apply for short break hours which can then be used for befriending services.

Mencap is a popular befriending option you could approach once you have received funding.

Disability clubs and activities

There are a few clubs and activities in Mansfield and surrounding areas which are designed for children and young people with additional needs.

They can be a great way to help your child/young person improve social skills, experience being out in the community as well as giving you a chance to speak to other parents/carers.

A very popular evening activity is at The Towers in Mansfield which delivers weekly discos for children and young people with disabilities.

Someone to talk to

As a parent it can be easy to feel isolated and alone when you are facing everyday challenges as well as trying to be the best parent you can for your children.

It can be helpful to talk to other parents/carers who understand what you are going through and possibly give advice.

The academy is always here if you want to chat about any concerns or if you want advice on a particular topic.

  • Scope is an online chat site designed for carers and those with a disability.
  • Family action – Telephone support line specialising with parent/carer support/mental health: 0808 802 6666
  • NHS chat therapies– online self-referral
  • Listening ear – Online telephone appointments for parents of disabled children
  • Ask Notts is a support platform designed to help answer questions about your child and services available when you live in Nottingham
  • Follow this link for any questions on cerebral palsy

Financial support

There are a few support schemes in place to financially support families of children with disabilities.

Most children with disabilities will be awarded DLA. The rate you receive is based on level of support needed for everyday tasks and rate of mobility.

When your child turns 16, you will receive a letter stating that your DLA is stopping, and you need to apply for PIP. If you do not do this, then funding will be stopped with very little warning.

To find out more about disability living allowance payments, personal independence payments, child tax credit, carers allowance and council tax reduction follow this link.

You may be eligible for carers allowance if you care for someone for more than 35 hours per week.

There are also charities out there who may be able to support with grants for a specific project. Follow this link to access the family fund, where you can request support for electronics, garden improvements, sensory toys etc.

You may also be eligible for free prescriptions. All children under 18 should receive prescriptions for free and there can also be other benefits for children. Have a chat with your pharmacist and see what they offer.

Online training

If you are looking for training on a specific topic relating to your child/young person, then you are more than welcome to come and speak to us and we can see what we can do to help. There are also lots of training opportunities available online.

Makaton resources:

Student mental health and wellbeing

If you have any concerns regarding your child’s mental health and wellbeing, then please come and talk to us.

It may also be beneficial to have a chat with your GP to express your concerns as they will be able to advise you on what may be most helpful for your child/young person.

Below are some of the recommended services to support with a child or young person’s mental health.

  • CAMHS – NHS mental health service
  • Base 51 – a mental health charity for young people age 11 – 25
  • Kooth – online mental health support

Parent mental health and wellbeing

Your mental health is important too and it cannot be ignored. As an academy we are always here if you want to come and have a chat or discuss any concerns you have.

There is also external support available which may be worth looking into. Your GP is always a good place to start as they will be able to advise you specifically on what service may be useful for you.

Alcohol and drug misuse support:

Time after Yeoman Park Academy

Choosing the next step for your child after Yeoman Park Academy is a big and often difficult decision.

That’s why we have put together lots of information with the most popular options in this local area. It isn’t always straight forward, and we are happy to discuss these options with you and your child and put together a plan.

Click here to find out more.