Yeoman Park Academy has a range of policies that govern how we operate to ensure that we work in a safe, secure and progressive establishment. There are a range of specific policies below that relate solely to the academy, but we are also bound by policies applied throughout the Diverse Academies. These policies apply to all academies within our trust and ensure a consistent approach and collective excellence across all.

You can access the policies here, including those covering:

  • safeguarding and child protection
  • charging and remissions
  • concerns and complaints 

Paper copies are available on request.

Academy policies and appendices to trust policy documents

Absence reporting

Accessibility – academy appendix

Admissions – academy appendix

Anti-bullying – academy appendix

Attendance – academy appendix

Behaviour – academy appendix

Careers guidance strategy

Covid-19 behaviour – academy appendix


Educational visits – academy appendix

Early Years Foundation Stage – academy appendix

Health and safety – academy appendix


Infection control

Intimate care

Mental health and wellbeing principles – academy appendix

Online safety – academy appendix

Provider access – academy appendix

Relationships and sex education – academy appendix

Safeguarding and child protection – academy appendix

Safe moving and handling procedures

Single equality – academy appendix

Special educational needs and disabilities  – academy appendix

Supporting students with medical conditions – academy appendix