The primary team is for learners aged 3 to 11, with four classes – C1, C2. C3 and C4 where learners are grouped by their age and needs. One class is for learners who require a high level of support to meet their complex learning, physical, sensory and medical needs. The other three classes are for learners who have severe or moderate learning difficulties combined with ASD or other diagnoses such as Down’s Syndrome.

Each class in the primary team has on average eight learners, a teacher and at least two teaching assistants. There are also personal care assistants and healthcare assistants working across the team. Sometimes a learner may move classes early or during the year to ensure that they are learning in the best environment we can provide.

Our job is to help young people become aware of the world around them and how to develop coping strategies to manage the challenges they face each day. We like to ensure our learning is practical and hands-on to provide learners with engaging and memorable learning experiences. Across the team we focus on developing communication and interaction skills alongside personal care routines and independence.

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