Upper team caters for students aged 14-19 years. We have four classes, three based at Upper School on the Manor academy site and one at our Yeoman Park Academy site. The classes are grouped according to need.

Upper 1 caters for students who require a high level of support to meet their complex learning, sensory, physical and medical needs.

Upper 2 caters for students with complex learning difficulties and ASD.

Upper 3 caters for students with severe or moderate learning difficulties and ASD.

Upper 4 caters for students with severe learning difficulties and ASD.

The students in these groups access YPA curriculum to meet their individual needs with an emphasis on communication, independence, self-help skills and community-based activities – all designed to prepare our students for moving on into adult services. All students access the community through transition visits to Post-18 provision and community-based activities. Many of our Post-16 students join the Pathfinders programme which includes opportunities to access the local community using public transport and to work at supported work placements such as Recycling Ollerton and Boughton (ROB), Sam’s Workplace and Willow Tree Farm. Students also access specialist college provision at Portland College and Landmarks College. Students visit a variety of Day Service provision, including the Adventure Service, APTCOO, Space Inclusive, Mansfield Day Service, Ashfield day Service, REACH, Five Senses, Pine Bank, Every Sensations and Newark and Sherwood Day Service.

Students also have the opportunity to work with these providers in school during careers events.

We work closely with parents and carers to ensure our students and their families have an informed choice of future placements to help them have a smooth transition into adulthood.