Yeoman Park’s careers strategy has been developed to ensure the fulfilment of the ‘8 Gatsby Benchmarks’. These are identified and tested as an effective structure for a successful careers programme against which Ofsted will begin assessing schools in 2018/19.

Our careers leader is Carol Wolstenholme. If you have any questions relating to the careers advice we give to pupils, you can contact her via email at

The academy’s careers strategy and careers programme can be downloaded below:

Careers programme

Careers strategy

Careers entitlement for Yeoman Park pupils/students

A stable careers programme – You will follow a programme of careers education and guidance to help you learn about what is possible in the future and to help you make choices.  You will have opportunities to build employability experiences in lessons across school to help you think about your skills and abilities and the sort of work and courses you can do in the future. When you go into post 16 you will join the pathfinders group to access opportunities to experience your post 18 options and develop soft skills to aid you in your transition to adulthood. For those students who join our life skills centre you will prepare to move on from YPA through transition visits to your preferred placement and in activities to prepare you for adulthood.

Learning from careers and labour market information – You will learn about future college options and supported work placements as well as day service provision to give you an informed choice of future options using visits to supported work placements, employers and education placements. You will also have visits from employers and take part in enterprise activities and careers events in school.

Addressing the needs of each pupil – You will receive guidance at different stages and this advice will be tailored to your needs. Our careers programme embraces equality and diversity.

Linking curriculum learning to careers – Curriculum learning is linked to careers wherever possible, building on employability experiences.

Encounters with employers and employees – You will learn from employers the skills that are valued in the workplace. You will encounter employers from different supported work environments and employers who will help you to gain skills through enterprise activities at the academy. Careers and transition events will enable you to learn about Post 18 options.

Experience of workplaces – You will have experience of the workplace through supported work placements, visits to places of work, work shadowing in school and supported work placements. Students at Post 16 will join the pathfinders group and will also take part in mini enterprise activities. The pathfinders group access the community/travel in the community, visit specialist colleges, supported work placements and day service provision three days per week in years 12 and 13.

Encounters with Further Education – You will understand the full range of learning opportunities that are available to you. You will have the opportunity to visit local colleges and training providers. Providers will also visit you in school during careers and transition events.

Personal guidance – You are able to access careers guidance from an independent adviser who will work with you in school and help you through interviews tailored to your individual needs to give guidance on the options that are available to you once you leave Yeoman Park. You will work with our enterprise coordinator who will also give you support and information.


We work alongside a number of external organisations to provide access to a range of activities, services, therapies, education and more besides for when students leave Yeoman Park Academy. The document below outlines the basic details of these organisations including how you can get in touch with them should you wish to find out more.

YPA – Pathfinders Information 2020

(NB – please note that we cannot be responsible for the content of any external organisation’s website)