Our intent is for every learner to reach their full potential in terms of their personal, social and emotional development. This will result in learners being happy, comfortable, regulated and ready to engage with learning by ensuring their emotional regulation, physical health and mental wellbeing needs are met on a daily basis.

All learners have a voice within the academy, each playing a positive role in contributing to the life of the academy and the wider community. They are given the opportunities to share their views, opinions and wishes, in a respectful manner.

Learners receive practical and enriching opportunities to enhance their learning, not only academically, but also socially and emotionally.


Within this strand of the curriculum, we plan whole class sessions linked to our long-term plans, however, these are adapted and tailored to then meet the individual needs of each learner. This can also include bespoke sessions, focusing on relationships and sex education where appropriate. Teaching is appropriate to the learner through explicit lessons, cross-curricular activities, continuous provision, daily routines, 1:1 and small group work, whole school immersive themed events, assemblies, class discussions, external provider visits and trips within the community.

Our daily routines embed the learning and development of their independent personal care including brushing teeth, eating and hygiene routines. As part of the THRIVE approach, we help learners to improve their mental health and wellbeing, to include their emotional, psychological, and social wellbeing and successful self-regulation strategies. Our learners also have access to other interventions to support their independence within personal care and emotional wellbeing, which include ELSA and Drawing and Talking Therapy.

We provide activities to promote personal safety and learner voice with all learners being actively involved in whole school decision making through the School Council. Learners are given unbiased information that informs their life choices and enables them to make choices that lead to personal fulfilment.

Learners have access to therapeutic services including occupational therapy, speech and language therapy, physiotherapy, nurses and paediatricians.


All learners will be prepared to become contributing members of society, where they are able to make choices and express their opinions, wants and needs. Learners develop their independence enabling them to take care of their personal needs and choices.

Learners will develop their resilience, mental and spiritual wellbeing, develop the ability to communicate their own views, feelings and are sensitive to the feelings of others enabling them to build positive relationships.

For all learners to understand the importance of family life, friendships, stable relationships, respect, love and care whilst developing an ethos of mutual respect, listening to others, respecting their opinions and understanding societies rules and consequences.

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