Curriculum overview

Our curriculum is split into five key areas: my communication; my thinking and problem solving; my PSED; my creativity; and the world about me. Each curriculum areas has been developed by the academy from a range of pre-exiting curriculums and scheme including the National Curriculum; EQUALs; Launchpad for Literacy and EYFS.

The curriculum is delivered through skills-based teaching and practical activities, which is reflective of the needs of our learners. They require many opportunities to learn and practise their skills in different contexts; repetition is the key to their development and our approach. To ensure our content remains interesting, relevant and varied, we follow a thematic approach over a 4-year cycle.

Four year curriculum themes

Curriculum areas

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To find out more about what a day in each of our classes looks like, you can find more detail on our class pages.

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