Following the offer of a place by the Integrated Children’s Disability Service (ICDS), we will put in place a transition plan for your child.

Before your child joins us

Transition from one placement to another is crucial, so we tailor a programme for each individual child. We understand that some children will require a longer transition period than others, so this personalised approach helps make the process of moving to Yeoman Park as smooth as possible.  

Transitions will always be arranged with the families and staff at the current placement, if applicable, with all visits to Yeoman Park supported by staff from their current placement. Visits will increase in duration and frequency as the programme progresses.  

Within seven weeks of joining us 

Shortly after your child has joined us, an assessment of your child’s ability will be carried out. Your child will be set interim targets for the year ahead, in line with their EHCP.

Within the first term  

A new starter meeting for families will be scheduled, this is an opportunity to discuss how your child is settling in.