At Yeoman Park Academy, we ensure that all learners are provided with learning opportunities to meet their individual needs with a personalised approach to our curriculum offer. Our learners rarely follow a predictable developmental journey; therefore, our curriculum is reflective of this.

Our intent is to expose learners to the world around them whilst ensuring they are given every opportunity to reach their full potential. We have developed a highly ambitious curriculum, which focuses on developing the child’s wellbeing and personal development alongside their academic development. This is a learner-led curriculum, as we believe our learners should not be expected to fit into a pre-existing curriculum.

The curriculum has been designed to develop a love of learning through exploration, curiosity and hands-on experiences. Our curriculum reflects Yeoman Park Academy’s vision: To inspire. To raise aspirations. To create brighter tomorrows.


Our curriculum is split into five key areas: my communication; my thinking and problem solving; my PSED; my creativity, and the world about me. Each curriculum areas has been developed by the academy from a range of pre-exiting curriculums and scheme including the National Curriculum; EQUALs; Launchpad for Literacy and EYFS.

The curriculum is delivered through skills-based teaching and practical activities, which is reflective of the needs of our learners. They require many opportunities to learn and practise their skills in different contexts; repetition is the key to their development and our approach. To ensure our content remains interesting, relevant and varied, we follow a thematic approach over a four-year cycle.

We recognise that every child requires a personalised approach; and therefore the delivery of our curriculum reflects this. We use waypoints within each curriculum area to provide learners with sequential learning, whilst acknowledging that our learners fluctuate and have a wide-span profile with regards to attainment.


The end goal for our learners is to prepare them to be able to access the next stage of their life with the correct knowledge and skills they require. We ensure that the holistic approach to our teaching and learning provides learners with a curiosity about the world and to be kind, compassionate and caring individuals.

The impact of our personalised curriculum with high aspirations will enable our learners to be happy, resilient, and independent individuals who are ready for their next steps in life. They have a voice, which is listened to, and the skills to be the very best version of themselves.