Yeoman Park offers our pupils a broad, balanced and relevant curriculum that will prepare them for the next stages of their lives, including opportunities to access the National Curriculum where it is appropriate and meaningful.

Parents have indicated very strongly that they feel the priorities for their children are communication, self-help/life skills, independence and therapy.

The academy has a thematic approach to learning so that pupils can see the relevance and connection between subjects and start to generalise their skills. We work hard at getting the conditions for learning right and preparing pupils to learn so that teaching time has maximum impact on their learning.

Pupils within the upper school access nationally accredited learning through Aim Awards.

All pupils have an Individual Learning Plans that are reviewed termly and contain up to 3 individual priorities. Pupils are also set individual subject targets for English, mathematics together with personal and social development on an annual basis.

Find out more about our approach to progression of skills and our curriculum plans below:

Curriculum plan

Progression of skills

For further information about our curriculum, please contact our principal Mr Hoop via email: