At Yeoman Park Academy, we actively promote the nine protected characteristics through our curriculum, school culture, values, daily classroom practice and the promotion of British Values.

The concept of the ‘protected characteristics’ refers to the attributes or characteristics that are protected from discrimination and harassment under equality and human rights legislation.

In the Equality Act 2010, the protected characteristics are outlined: age, disability, sex, gender reassignment, race, religion or belief, sexual orientation, marriage and civil partnership, pregnancy and maternity.

The Nine Protected Characteristics at Yeoman Park

Ensure that age-appropriate and inclusive teaching methods and materials are used. Foster intergenerational interactions and respect among learners and staff of different ages.Provide reasonable accommodations, accessibility, and support services for learners with disabilities. Create a physical environment that is accessible to all, and promote a culture of inclusion and understanding.
SexGender Reassignment
Ensure gender equality in all aspects of the school, from curriculum representation to opportunities for leadership and participation.Respect and support learners and staff who are undergoing gender transition. Use inclusive language and offer gender-neutral facilities when possible.
Sexual OrientationPregnancy and Maternity
Create a safe and inclusive environment for learners and staff of all sexual orientations. Prevent and address any bullying or discrimination based on sexual orientation.Offer support and accommodations to pregnant learners and staff. Create policies that address maternity leave and provide a welcoming environment for parents.
Marriage and Civil Partnership
Treat all individuals with equal respect, regardless of their marital or partnership status. Challenging stereotypical views e.g. wife and husband, one mum and one dad, and ensuring learners are all treated the same regardless of their family make up.