Our intent is for every learner to engage with the world and people through creative activities to develop their curiosity of the world around them. Initially, learners’ experiences are all accidental but as time progresses their actions become intentional, and their creativity emerges.

All learners regardless of their additional needs, can access art, music, drama, dance, and design technology. Within these areas, learners develop their curiosity, initiative, spontaneity, and pleasure in their actions.

At Yeoman Park, we aim to ensure that all learners have engaging, exciting and motivating opportunities that can greatly enhance their learning not only academically but also socially and emotionally. This will include facilitating opportunities to access theatres and art activities in line with the SEND and inclusion policies.


Within this strand of the curriculum, we plan whole class sessions linked to our long-term plans, which focus on providing learners time to explore and create with the focus being on the process and not the result. Learners are observed when exploring and creating. Many times, their response is predictable but sometimes they demonstrate a new action, which is developed by providing new and challenging experiences to encourage further risk taking. To support learners to develop their creative skills and take part in the whole process, tasks and skills are repeated to build up familiarity.

Learners are provided with opportunities to engage in experiences, including immersive days, visits, immersive events and music from outside providers as well as opportunities to explore the cultural calendar outside of many of our learner’s experiences within the local community. There are creative opportunities facilitated for learners through a deep understanding of the learners and supporting them with new experiences, such as multi-sensory theatre performances or cooking sessions linked to cultural events.

Learners who display a talent/an interest for any area of the arts have opportunities to build on their talents/interests through targeted interventions.


All learners will experience life-enhancing experiences through the arts that can greatly enhance their learning academically, socially and emotionally. Learners develop their creative skills enabling them to communicate and share choices/opinions.

Learners will have opportunities to experience and take part in creativity activities they may otherwise have been limited because of their SEND or being socially disadvantaged.

For all learners to be aware of the ever-changing world around them through creative experiences and activities.

View the long term plans below:

Art and DT long term plan

Food technology long term plan

Music and drama long term plan