Welcome to class 7 – class teacher, Nicola Foster

We are a key stage 3 class based in the middle team department, accessing a semi-formal and formal curriculum.
As a class we work on two different curriculum pathways, some are on a semiformal curriculum pathway and some are on formal curriculum pathway. This means that we are all learning about the areas in the National Curriculum, but at an appropriate level for us with repetition of activities and time built into the day to explore, learn through play, and have our sensory needs met.

We follow the Equals Curriculum, this means we focus on the core curriculum areas of my communication, my personal, social, and emotional development (PSED), my thinking and problem solving as well as my creativity and the world about me.

The academy day


Students arrive at school, either on school transport or with their parents and are greeted by a member of staff. They then have the opportunity to make breakfast; this helps us to develop life skills and independence in preparation for the future.

This is followed by the hello and registration session. In this session, students say good morning to each other and share how they are feeling. This is also a time to look at the date including day, month, and year. During this session, students are encouraged to communicate with staff and peers. Sometimes an adult will lead our hello sessions, other times a student can lead the session.

Our first lesson of the day differed by day of the week, Monday is weekend news and assembly, Tuesday is literacy, Wednesday is science, Thursday is communication games and Friday is theme days.

Lesson two of the day on Monday is art, Tuesday is maths, Wednesday is science review, Thursday is swimming and Friday is PE

Lunch time

After a morning of working hard, we have outdoor play again followed by lunchtime, which is either school dinner or a packed lunch from home.


Our third lesson of the day takes place in the afternoon. Monday is topic, Tuesday and Wednesday is maths, Thursday is our carousel afternoon where students mix with students from other classes to participate in a chosen activity which isn’t part of their core curriculum, e.g., percussion or refurbishing broken furniture, and Friday is our star of the week assembly.

At the end of each day, there is choosing time, which is based on the class reward system. During this time, students pick an activity, such as Lego, games, iPad, or colouring. The day finishes with students sharing a story or animated story before saying goodbye to everyone.

Home time

All children are supported with transfers from their class equipment into their home chairs, their belongings are all put together and they are supported onto the bus home.

Assemblies and star of the week

We join in the main assemblies on Monday mornings, where we share our school prayer, weekend news and Friday afternoons, where we celebrate our star of the week and learn about different themed days.