Welcome to class 5 – class teacher, Jess Meads

Students in class 5 are typically semi-formal learners in key stage 3.

Our curriculum pathway is semi-formal, which means that we are learning about all the areas in the Equals Curriculum as well as incorporating time to move, explore and learn meeting our sensory needs – our activities are often sensory based.

The academy day


Typically the day begins with students being met by a member of staff as they get off the minibus. After all personal belongings are sorted students start getting ready to learn with sensory modulation and physical activities such as a walk or a visit to the trampoline.

This is followed by completion of tasks that are linked to individual learning plan targets or sensory trays whilst the rest of the class arrive. Once everyone has arrived, all students sit down together for breakfast club (there is a choice between cereal, toast and fresh fruit).

Communication, social skills and tolerance towards others is developed through our morning registration where students greet each other, friends and staff, share any news, check on the weather and explore emotions and feelings using symbols for support. Students then take part in Funfit where they dance and move to their favourite songs before moving on to break.

Break is an opportunity to play and get some fresh air. We have our break in the playground where we can run around, play parachute games, chase bubbles or use the gym equipment. Students then come into class and relax, ready to settle down for their first lesson, which is usually based around literacy or numeracy.

Our lesson finishes with choosing time before lunch, this is where we use symbols or communication boards to choose from a range of activities, such as relaxing in our safe spaces with weighted blankets or books.

Lunch time

We have our lunch in the classroom which may be a packed lunch brought in from home or from the school lunch options. After lunch, we relax and then have our main break time outside.


After break, students come back into class for 10 minutes of quiet time. Quiet time provides a calming environment with visuals and slow music to help prepare students for the afternoon lesson. Once quiet time is finished, students have afternoon registration and then move on to the afternoon lesson, which is usually based around the current topic. When they have finished their work, students have choosing time and a quick drink.

The day is finished with a celebration of good work and getting comfortable for Tacpac, this helps students to be calm and prepare for the journey home with a clear end to the day.

Home time

All children are supported to collect their personal belongings before transitioning to the car park for the bus home.

Assemblies and star of the week

We join in the main assemblies on Monday mornings, where we share our school prayer, weekend news and Friday afternoons, where we celebrate our star of the week and learn about different themed days.