Welcome to class 11 – class teacher Katrina Atkins (lead teaching assistant)

Class 12 follow the pre-formal/semi-formal learning pathway, which means that we are learning about all the areas in the National Curriculum in an environment that meets students social, emotional and sensory needs in a practical way.

Students are working on engagement steps, progression steps and Steps 4 Life in B Squared (our assessment) as well as working towards core skills or Diploma in AIM Awards.

Students are at the early stages of gaining experience and developing their independent skills throughout the school day. They will work alongside their peers and have moments of positive interaction that is supported by staff throughout.

Some of the students in Class 12 are currently accessing Pathfinders. Pathfinders is a great way for our learners to explore in a safe environment with trusted adults, different providers that they may not be able to access at home as well as being part of their transitioning process. All students are supported to choose or give their opinions on where they would like to go when they finish at Yeoman Park Academy (turn 18).

Pathfinders visits – ROB (Recycling Ollerton Boughton), Landmarks College, West Nott’s, Portland College, Sam’s Café, Adventure Services, REACH and many more. Students are also beginning to engage in career sessions that look at different jobs in the community (attending virtually and face-to-face learning in school) which widens the student’s opportunities.

The academy day

During the academy day, students will have their own set of jobs that they complete to receive ‘wages’ for the class café/ tuck shop.

Students have their own sensory diets, which they follow on a daily basis to prepare them for engaging in learning and promotes self-regulation – this includes daily movement exercises, stretches, playtime, breaks etc.

Students are encouraged to communicate their wants, needs and desires through verbal, gestural, symbols and communication buttons.

On a Friday afternoon Class 13 joins other classes located in the Manor building for assembly – where they celebrate the achievements they have made in the week and share news for the following week.