Welcome to class 10 – class teacher Alisha Wilmot

Students in class 10 are pre-formal learners in key stages 2 – 5.

Our curriculum pathway is pre-formal, which means that we are learning about all the areas in the Equals Curriculum but incorporating time to move, explore and learn meeting our sensory and physical needs.

Our older students are working towards their AIM awards. This is a qualification that we work towards so students are able to leave with a core skills certificate.

The academy day


Our academy day starts being met by a member of staff meeting students as they get off their minibus. After students have sorted out coats bags and any visits to the toilet, we start getting ready to learn with transfers to school chairs or standing frames.

Students access sensory materials matching the colour of the day waiting for them whilst the rest of the class arrive. Communication, social skills and the developing tolerance to others is practiced through registration where students greet their friends and share any news.

The students then have a snack and a drink of their choice, Monster Munch and Kit-Kats often being favourites! This is a great time for our students to practise their independence skills such as using cutlery and choosing through symbols.

The first lesson follows our themed work, which gives students a context for their learning helping them to remember and demonstrate skills. All students have individual targets to meet during the lessons, which are based on their EHCP. Our morning lessons could be activities from, sensory story, cooking or music.

Lunch time

We have our lunch in our classroom. We sit around together and promote social interaction through conversations between both staff and students. Lunchtimes are a key time for students to practice independence skills such as cup holding or helping to wipe their face.


We  do our fine motor skills and literacy work in the morning so that we can do more sensory and relaxed sessions in the afternoon such as massage and body awareness. When students have finished their work, they have time to relax, continue their transfers and take care of any personal care as they wait for their buses.

At the end of each day, students take their school diaries home which helps tell parents/carers what they have been up to in class keep them informed of anything they need to be aware of.

Home time

All students are supported with transfers from their class equipment into their home chairs, their belongings are all put together and they are supported onto the bus home.

Assemblies and star of the week

We join in the main assemblies on Monday mornings, where we share our school prayer, weekend news and Friday afternoons, where we celebrate our star of the week and learn about different themed days.