At Yeoman Park Academy we engage and support the development of children through curriculum pathways and curriculum areas. You can find further details of these below. If you do have any questions, we invite you to get in touch.

Curriculum pathways

Our curriculum pathways are the equivalent of year groups. There are three curriculum pathways, each of which describe a different type of learner.

Pre-formal learners

Our pre-formal learners are children and young people who may have profound and complex needs, a severe learning difficulty, a medical condition, sensory impairment, or physical disability.

These children and young people will be learning at an early developmental stage, and will require a high level of adult support to meet their educational and personal care needs.

Semi-formal learners

Our semi-formal learners are children and young people who have a significant intellectual or cognitive impairment and may have difficulties with sensory processing, communication and self-help skills.

These children and young people are likely to need support to access all areas of the curriculum.

Formal learners

These children and young people access a range of National Curriculum subjects, modified for their developmental level. Their teaching sessions are more ‘formal’ and are taught in a structured way drawing upon their speaking, listening and communication skills. These learners may have moderate learning difficulties, ASD, ADHD and emotional difficulties.

Curriculum areas

Our curriculum areas are the equivalent of subjects – these are split into five areas. Click on each area to find out more.


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Find out more

To find out more about what a day in each of our classes looks like, you can find more detail on our class pages.

If you would like any further information on our curriculum please contact us.